Advantages/Disadvantages of Wind Turbines

1. Wind energy is free.
2. Wind energy never runs out. 
It is naturally produced everyday by the rotation of the Earth and changes in the weather and atmosphere.
3. Unlike other energy sources such as coal and oil, wind energy is a clean fuel source.  It does not pollute and add emissions to the air like power plants undergoing combustion reactions.
4. It can be rather inexpensive to purchase and install a wind turbine with no further costs.
5. By properly building these turbines in areas of high wind volume, rural or urban areas can strongly benefit from the large amount of energy that potentially may be produced.

1. Some turbines can have high initial costs.
2. Lower production capacity if it's put in a sheltered area from the wind.
3. Some people argue that it does not look appealing and takes away from the beauty of the natural surroundings.
4. Wind turbines produce a lot less electricity than fossil fueled power plants.