Ecology 2010
AJ Messina, Scott White, Ryan Tibbitts, Evan Roberts

As our global non-renewable natural resources are quickly disappearing, wind energy is the next best resource since it is rather inexpensive and a promising alternative energy source that can be easily utilized by home owners as well as provide power for  rural areas or densely populated regions such as towns and cities.

History of Wind Energy
       From the Egyptians to the Romans, wind energy was utilized by means of transportation, accelerating sail boats up and down the Nile River.  Thousands of years later, China claims they were the first to develop windmills, although it was first documented that the Romans initially invented the windmill using it for pumping water and grinding grains.  Today California is known to produce twice as much wind energy as any other U.S. state and as we look into the future, wind energy will continue to expand throughout our country and across the world, as non-renewable resources are becoming more expensive and slowly running out.